Leading The Blockchain Revolution in Gaming.

Welcome to the blockchain revolution!

SKARA is the first game of its kind to use a cryptocurrency – The SKARAT, as in-game currency. SKARATs can be used normally in-game to purchase cosmetic assets and to participate in certain prize events, and thanks to the blockchain technology, they can also be traded now on the open market (Listed as SKRT in Mercatox).

Thanks to an increase in user base and the burning mechanism imbedded in the token, SKARATs are expected to increase in value over time. In order to buy, store and sell SKARATs in the open market, you will need to create a crypto wallet and become familiar with cryptocurrency trading.

However, if all this sounds a bit too complicated and you just want to enjoy playing SKARA, you can just ignore this feature and play like you would in any other free-to-play videogame.

Skara’s blockchain features are completely optional: you need to manually activate them on Skara’s website.
Not interested? Just play as you would on any other free-to-play game.