Open Beta 0.2.0 Patch Notes

Greetings survivors, and welcome once again to a brand new version of SKARA!

First of all, we would like to thank each and every one of you for your patience and feedback – without you we wouldn’t be able to release what we think it’s the best version of the game the world has seen.

We believe we’re finally on the right track for a future final release of this game. Nevertheless, we believe in the constant improvement of our product, so expect patches and new updates to guarantee the best overall experience.

We’ve been working hard to solve issues of previous builds and also add new and exciting features that you can finally try out! The new update has seen the following improvements:

New feature: Daily quests

Periodic objectives are common in a lot of games, but we wanted to add a special flavor to them in Skara. Daily Quests allow you to gain experience faster and get access to those tasty Zem Orbs more often while you achieve specific goals – “Win 4 games as a Tamvaasa”, for instance – but this feature will also let you develop the background story for your characters and influence the world of Skara! Join our Discord if you still haven’t and choose your side.

Rework + New cosmetics: Victory poses

We know winning is among the most satisfying things in Skara… But what if you can now customize the way your character looks on the winning screen? Introducing Victory Poses, a fancy set of animation you can unlock to add a special touch to the end match screens.

Each class has now 4 Victory Poses available in the Armory. The first one comes by default – meaning that everyone will have them from day one – so make sure you unlock and get the others to stand out from the crowd.

Game balance

Hearing your feedback about the gameplay and character balance is one of the most strict rules we have here in the Skara studio, so we have come with A LOT of changes on the combat balancing. Check out all the changes below, detailed as never before, so you can eb aware of every small change we made and take your fighting performance to the next level.

Here you can see the complete – and exhaustive – list of gameplay changes:


Average damage slightly decreased, Celean’s charge first impact is no longer blockable or parriable, Tani can generally block one or two more attacks before running out of stamina

“Tani are supposed to focus on a defensive role in combat, holding positions with their shield and long range attacks. We consider their high damages and weak blocking were moving them away from this role, so we decided to make some changes to both of them to strengthen their defensive capabilities.”

Primary attacks (LMB or X)
Damage: P1 55 / P2 65 / P3 85 → P1 50 / P2 60 / P3 70

Secondary attack (RMB or Y)

Damage: S1 45 / S2 55 / S3 65 → S1 40 / S2 50 / S3 60

Special attacks
Damage: Sprint_P 75 → Sprint_P 70

Signs (aka skills)
Celean charge (Q or RB)

Celean’s charge first attack is no longer deflectable.


Some special attacks damage have been decreased. Refactor of Ice Embrace trap as Ice Claw, a wall against your enemies. Vilkai Song has been reworked to heal allies nearby for the duration of the buff.

“Eldun were kind of playing as lone wolves and we really wanted teams to play as a pack, so we have incentivized grouping up with the changes in their signs. With the new sign Ice Claw, we believe Eldun will create interesting team dynamics using the deflect mechanic against walls.”

Special attacks
Damage: Sprint_P 60 / Riposte_P 75 → Sprint_P 45 / Riposte_P 45

Signs (aka skills)
Ice Claw (Q o RB)

Ice Claw has been fully reworked. Now it summons instantly a wall that protects the caster and their allies against frontal assaults for 5 seconds.

Vilkai Song (E o RT)

Now Vilkai Song heals Eldun and their allies, as long as they remain inside of the AoE while the effect lasts.

The healing amount remains unchanged and is no longer halved in duel.

Dâ Shizu

Increased damage. Go-Na Rush run cannot be blocked nor parried, Poison Flare are no longer effective against shields, Seeming-empty grants Dâ Shizu a 50% damage bonus in her first next attack.

“We believe that while Dâ Shizu were properly fitting the role of single target glass cannon characters, they were not giving a good enough reward given the high risk. To address that, we have significantly increased their damage so that they are now more dangerous if left unattended. We are aware secondary attacks have issues and we will keep monitoring their progress.”

Primary attacks (LMB or X)
Damage: P1 50 / P2 60 / P3 70 → P1 60 / P2 70 / P3 85

Secondary attack (RMB or Y)

Damage: S1 55 / S2 65 / S3 75 → S1 65 / S2 65 / S3 70

Special attacks
Damage: Dash_P 65 / DashBack_P 65 / Sprint_P 65 →

Dash_P 60 / DashBack_P 60 / Sprint_P 60

Signs (aka skills)

Go-Na Rush (Q or RB): Forest run is no longer deflectable. Nothing will affect the Go-Na Rush trajectory except walls and cliffs.

Poison Flare (F or LB): Now damage is fully absorbed by blocking.

Seeming-empty (E or RT): Invisibility now makes your next attack within 1 second deal 50% more damage (does not affect skills).


Decreased damage in primary and secondary attacks. Monster jump causes less area damage while retaining main impact damage.

“We want Zierk to fulfill their role as attacker in a more balanced way. Decreasing their damage while maintaining their huge amount of health should let them remain a real threat while not being so abusive. We think Zierk should not focus on pure damage but on disruption and with these changes they should feel more fair while still challenging.”

Primary attacks (LMB or X)
Damage: P1 55 / P2 65 / P3 85 → P1 45 / P2 55 / P3 70

Secondary attack (RMB or Y)

Damage: S1 60 → S1 40

Special attacks
Damage: Dash_P 50 / DashBack_P 50 / Dash_S 55 / Sprint_P 75 →

Dash_P 40 / DashBack_P 40 / Dash_S 40 / Sprint_P 60

Signs (aka skills)
Monster Jump (E or RT): Monster Jump landing now causes 60 damage points in a focused area and 25 in the surrounding AoE (previously it dealt 60 in the whole radius).

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